“Bio” products

We offer a new range of “Bio” products. They are organic products, produced with the use of the processes which are not a threat to the environment and human health. These products comes from organic cultivations, mostly of our Polish fields.
Our organic roasted buckwheat groats is a unique product that is characterised by short cooking time (8 minutes). This was achived by subjecting buckwheat to a special steam roasting process under high pressure. This process gives the buckwheat groats a beautiful russet-brown colour and a distinctive and unique taste and aroma. Its unique taste buckwheat groats owes also to the highest quality organic buckwheat used as a raw material. In addition, this groats is a valuable source of dietary fiber and magnesium.”
As part of the new product line “Bio”, we would like to introduce you to loose products made of organic expanded groats. The process of expansion, which is puffing means subjecting the grain with hot steam under high pressure without the addition of chemicals.
In this way, a product ready for immediate consumption is gained. For puffing whole grains are used thus expanded products retain a high nutritional value of grain used for the production.
This process significantly increases the volume of grain and gives it an attractive color and a pleasant aroma of roasted cereal.
Expanded products can be a prefect snack or breakfast ingredient. Perfectly fits with milk, yogurt or fruit.
We also recommend an ecological version of our natural rice cakes.